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List of KS certifications in progress

List of KS certifications in progress



Next Generation PV
CIGS Solar Products

CIGS solar modules, meaning Copper, Indium, Gallium, and Selenium, are the next generation of solar modules that are lightweight, flexible, and less environmentally sensitive, and can be applied to a wide range of applications beyond conventional solar products.

Various & Versatile
Powerful Products

In line with the needs of a broad and versatile product, such as mobility, portability, simplicity, and outstanding performance, we offer a wide range of application products, including outdoor products, to provide users with great satisfaction and broad market entry. 

Eco & Renewable Energy
Future Solution

We provide eco-friendly products that consider the environment and future of mankind, which are the needs of the times, through the next generation photovoltaic technology and application technology.


CTI Holdings

CTI Holdings was established in 2019 for green energy related fields and various convergence technology and application businesses.

In recent years, BIPV (Building Integrated PV) has attracted attention in the green energy market, and ultra-light flexible CIGS solar products, the next generation solar cell, are being illuminated as the most suitable technology. Based on this, we are working on businesses related to various products such as LED solar light, BIPV, EIPV (portable power), BAPV and so on, as well as solar power generation and related businesses.

In addition, we are trying to reach our customers with various products by handling the existing silicon solar cell products.


CTI Holdings will continue to make efforts to become a leading company in the future while contributing to the future of nature and humanity. Thank you.





CTI Holdings Co.
Business Foundation
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(Building Integrated PV)


(Building Attached PV)

Outdoor PV

(Portable, Foldable etc.)


(Vehicle Attached PV)

Standalone PV

(Emergency, Off-grid)

Rural Solutions


Public Solutions

(Public facilities, Roadside..)






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